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Flag Visitor Analysis

Free Visitors Analysis for your Webpage

Easy to create and fully customizable visitor analysis for your website (or) a blog. 
Interesting fact it provide advance statistics and real-time web tracking system.

It counts number of visitors entering your site based upon their country and geo location information. It works on any HTML pages, blogs, social network profiles, envato pages etc.. Completely standalone and no external database needed. Simple to create and fully customizable flag counter with various options. Also, it provide advance statistics with charts and real-time web tracking system.

Main Features:

- Flag Counter counts with pageviews
- Works at all web pages / blogs / social network profiles / envato pages
- Track website traffic & Visitors geolocation information
- No external database needed!
- Advance statistics with charts
- Create unlimited flag counters widgets
- Compare today and yesterday traffic
- It reveal Visitors Country, Visited time, Browser and OS info.
- Live real-time traffic feed
- Responsive design
- Contact page for visitors



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